Making your business' competitiveness a priority for Alberta's 2017 budget

Posted by: Kaitlyn Mason on February 27, 2017

The Calgary Chamber exists to help make businesses more successful, and in doing so make Calgary the best place in the country to live, work and grow a business.

Today, the Chamber represents approximately 1,800 businesses and over 300,000 employees, but our focus remains unwavering: to help grow businesses and to improve the competitiveness of the business environment. The Calgary Chamber believes that a healthy and vibrant business community is essential to renewing the Alberta Advantage and strengthening the long-term economic prospects of our province.  

The Government of Alberta has an opportunity with the 2017-18 budget to set a clear vision for Alberta's economic future, and ensure that our province is seen to be one of the best places in which to do business. 70% of our membership stated in a 2016 survey that the current economic downturn has had a largely negative impact on their business. To help companies grow and be competitive in the new economy we are facing, the Chamber is focused on providing businesses with the tools and resources to be more innovative, productive and enter new markets.  

To facilitate a path to economic recovery and prosperity, the Calgary Chamber believes the government should consider the following recommendations as it develops its fiscal plan: 

  1. A return to fiscal discipline
  2. Embrace performance-based budgeting
  3. Revise Alberta's revenue model
  4. Examine measures to support innovation and entrepreneurship

Read our full pre-budget submission here.