Josh Blair: Innovating at the speed of light

Josh Blair: Innovating at the speed of light

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
Hyatt Regency Calgary
700 Centre Street

Join us for a timely discussion with Josh Blair of TELUS for insight and tools that are helping redefine the way we do business.

Thirty years ago, the fax machine and pager were technological marvels. Today, they're ancient history – replaced by newer, faster and more efficient innovations. More than ever, technological advancements matched with high-speed fibre optic wireless networks, are transforming the way we do business, learn and communicate.  

A top executive from one of Canada's leading companies, Josh Blair will share some timely and compelling examples of how advanced technologies, small-scale innovations and collaborative entrepreneurship can spur economic growth and enable every sector – from transportation and energy to healthcare and education – to operate faster and smarter, and thereby prosper. 

About Josh Blair

Executive Vice-President, TELUS Health, President, TELUS Business Solutions West and Chair, TELUS International

Josh oversees TELUS Health and Payment Solutions, a Canadian leader in electronic medical and health records, consumer health services, and benefits and pharmacy management solutions. In addition, Josh has oversight of TELUS Employer Solutions, a leading provider of innovative human resources, talent management and wellness solutions. 

He also oversees TELUS’ customer experience, product marketing and Internet of Things (IoT) teams focused on business clients nationally, in addition to business sales and customer marketing in Western Canada. 

Josh also serves as TELUS' Chief Corporate Officer, supporting the company's Board on selected activities and priming relationships with many of TELUS' external stakeholders. In addition, he oversees TELUS Ventures, a team dedicated to investing in promising start-up companies with innovative technology solutions that can help TELUS operate more effectively and succeed in the marketplace.

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