Kelly Hrudey: The competitive advantage in supporting mental health

Kelly Hrudey: The competitive advantage in supporting mental health

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
Fairmont Palliser Hotel
133 9th Avenue SW

Join us for a dialogue on the impact mental health can have on a business and one family’s challenge to overcome it.

Depression and other mental health issues are treatable, but all too often are not dealt with.

Mental health issues affect men and women, young and old, in every community in Canada. Its impact is felt across multiple spheres – self-esteem, relationships, basic human functions and performance in the workplace. In a workplace setting depression a major cause of lost productivity and disability claims. And unlike many other issues, far too many people suffer in silence, either unaware of what is happening to them or ashamed to acknowledge it and seek help. 

In partnership with
Calgary Counselling Centre

Kelly Hrudey and his family are no strangers to the struggles of mental health issues. His daughter, Kaitlin, has grown up battling anxiety and OCD, and now in her early twenties, is facing a new challenge as she enters the workforce. Hear from both Kelly and his daughter on how the effects of mental health issues shaped their family and the struggles they work to overcome every day. 

Hear the compelling story of the Hrudey family as they work to acknowledge and tackle mental health awareness, along with a dynamic discussion on how the conversation on mental health in the workplace can shift and become more open.

Many businesses are making it easier for employees to seek out help and are striving to erase the stigma around mental health issues but much still needs to be done.

Join us, in partnership with Calgary Counselling Centre, in support of National Depression Screening Day as we create an open dialogue on mental health in the workplace. 

About National Depression Screening Day

National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) is an annual community initiative led by Calgary Counselling Centre with the participation of many community and corporate partners. The intent of the campaign is to raise awareness of depression through a free, short, easy-to-complete, and anonymous online screening test, while simultaneously encouraging those with depressive symptoms to seek help. 

About Kaitlin Hrudey

Kaitlin is 24 years old and has struggled with mental health issues since was 11. She was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD. There have been many highs and lows in the past 13 years, but right now there are more good days than bad. She wants to share her story so others know mental health issues are not anything to be ashamed of and it gets better.
She was recently hired at a production company and is going to be a production assistant starting in October.

About Kelly Hrudey

Kelly is a former NHL goaltender and is currently a broadcaster and sports analyst for Hockey Night in Canada and a Calgary Flames commentator. Since retiring from the NHL Kelly has partnered with his daughter Kaitlin in public speaking to discuss mental health and their personal challenges with it. 

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