Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay: The 21st century belongs to agriculture

Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay: The 21st century belongs to agriculture

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
The Palomino Room - BMO Centre
20 Roundup Way SW, Calgary, AB

Generating over $100 billion to the Canadian economy and employing over 2 million people, the agriculture and agri-food sector is a key economic driver for the Alberta and Canadian economies. Canada has both a tremendous opportunity and responsibility as one of the world's few net food-exporting countries.

Join us for a timely discussion as we host Federal Agriculture and AgriFood Minister, Lawrence MacAulay on building a competitive future for the agriculture industry. To expand the discussion with the perspective of one of Canada's leading agriculture export countries, Minister MacAulay will be joined by Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture José Calzada Rovirosa.  

Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture José Calzada Rovirosa

From game-changing technology restructuring how food is produced, to market access, and the challenge of feeding nine billion people by 2050, the global agriculture industry is rapidly changing, bringing both great opportunities and challenges for Canada’s industry.

With a growing global demand for food and other agriculture products we have the opportunity to make Alberta and Canada an agriculture superpower.

To build a competitive and sustainable future for Canada’s agriculture industry, producers, business and government must work together to modernize regulations based on science and fact, drive innovation, and ensure Canadian products are the preferred choice in international markets.

Minister MacAulay will provide insights into the federal government’s vision for agriculture in the 21st century, and Canada’s role in feeding the world. He will also discuss his plans for future sector growth through new domestic and international trading opportunities, as well as how investments in innovation and superclusters will enhance the industry’s competitiveness.

With a 120 million consumers, and importing 43% of basic food needs, Mexico is a major importer of Alberta's agriculture products. In light of the upcoming NAFTA renegotiation talks this summer, Agriculture Secretary Calzada will give an update on his market's portfolio, and the increased opportunities it creates for Alberta. 

About the Agribusiness event series

Agribusiness is an essential and growing sector and an important contributor to the Canadian economy. Agricultural products are Alberta’s second largest export behind energy. As many Calgary-based companies have downstream involvement in the agribusiness sector, the agribusiness series takes a look at understanding the impact, scope and future of the industry, as well as to generate discussion around key trends. The series is also meant to recognize the economic impact of agriculture as a commercial enterprise, and look at the opportunities and challenges that come with it.