Ignite Innovation Accelerator Program

Ignite Innovation Accelerator Program


Accessible innovation, for business owners like you

You’re already running a good company, but we know that as an entrepreneur, every day you think of new ways to grow and improve your business. Is there that one great idea you have always wanted to explore, but don’t have the time to do it?

In Ignite you'll discover how to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test your idea’s viability without investing huge amounts of time and resources. Learn fast, fail fast and pivot quickly to align your value proposition with your customers true needs.

Working alongside industry experts, this business growth accelerator delivers you a validated, market-tested growth strategy in only 90 days. 


90 days to accelerate your business grow

Program feature

Benefits to your business

  • Access to experts and mentors who have done it before.
  • Expert insights to accelerate your company growth and increase your market share.
  • Make smart decisions on how to execute your idea.
  • New tools and techniques that improve clarity and reduce uncertainty and risk.
  • Gain insights into, and a deeper understanding of, your current customers and your value proposition.
  • Explore adjacent opportunities to better serve your customer's needs.
  • Discover new customer segments.
  • Discover innovative approaches to operating your business more successfully.
  • Learn a repeatable process to apply to other growth ideas for your business.
  • Structured meeting schedule and homework assignments facilitated by innovation professionals.
  • Creates accountability and helps you dedicate time and focus to your growth plans.
  • Engages your team back in your workplace in the process.
  • Supports the development of a growth mindset and a culture of innovation with your team.
  • Individualized resources and support.
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring to understand your company's unique project needs.
  • Direction to targeted reading and resources to help move your project forward.


Small innovations, big results

Here's some examples of the innovative ideas past participants have developed:

Betach Solutions (Cohort 2)
Built an on-line IT self-service marketplace for their products that created purchase simplicity and service efficiencies for both their customers and their employees

Dogma Pet Services (Cohort 2)
Built an on-line platform to offer real time dog training and support services to complement their in-person classes while eliminating wait times for courses and services and increasing customer engagement

Casa Flores (Cohort 3)
Developed a new product line and service offering that combines the variety and service of custom cabinetry with the speed and convenience of stock products, all at an accessible price point.

Get involved

Contact Johanna Clark at jclark@calgarychamber.com for more information on the program and to find out if joining a cohort is right for your business.


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