Innovation Primer Workshop Series

Innovation Primer Workshop Series

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Develop the next big idea for your business

The Innovation Primer Workshop Series is aimed at companies that want to grow their business, and are ready to innovate, but want help developing their next big innovative concept.

Participating in this program, you may already have ideas they want to explore, or you may be starting with a blank canvas looking for the freshest of new ideas. Either is fine, and you’ll be taken through a process working through the fundamentals of innovation development, and on to to the tangible implementation phase – all guided by outstanding experts.

The innovation journey through the program will help some companies spark the next ‘big idea’ with a new product or service, and others to generate improvements to processes that help build a stronger and more profitable company.

How it works

The workshop content, led by international industry experts, will guide participants through an exploration of their organization's readiness to grow, while at the same time learning about different innovation concepts and tools.

By the end of this program, participants will have researched a few potential innovative ideas, identified how they wish to innovate and are prepared to move into the Innovation Accelerator Program to bring that idea to fruition.

Topics and takeaways

  • Idea generation toolkit
  • Mind mapping
  • Innovator’s DNA assessment
  • How to be a disruptive innovator
  • Business Model Canvas

Workshop dates

The workshop series will run twice a year in the spring and fall. 

Spring series: April – June 2017

Fall series: September – November 2017

Each series contains six workshop sessions over a twelve week period. When you register, you are registering for the full six sessions. Registration is not available for individual workshop sessions.

What if I can't attend all six workshop sessions?

Your registration applies to your entire company, and gives you one ticket to each workshop session.

If you can't attend a session or a topic is more relevant to a member of your team than it is to you, you can send them to participate in that particular workshop.

However, we can only accommodate one person from each registered company at each session.

Additional questions?

Contact Johanna Clark at for more information.


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