LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is the essential social networking tool for businesses of all sizes and the Calgary Chamber is helping you to take your online experience to the next level by inviting you to join our members-only LinkedIn group.

Connect without the noise

The group is designed as a place for discussion amongst our members. Use it as an opportunity to talk about interesting business topics, your company's recent successes or seek advice from fellow business owners. Think of it as a 24/7 networking event that you can attend anywhere from your computer or mobile device.

Joining is easy

As a Calgary Chamber member you have already been pre-approved with your corporate email. 

Join the group now and start connecting with your fellow members.

Add your corporate email in seconds

Many of you will not have your corporate email attached to your LinkedIn account, thankfully it is an extremely quick and easy process.

Add your corporate email in a few quick clicks.

Or just "Request to join"

If you don't want to add your corporate email to your LinkedIn account simply request to join and we'll approve you shortly.

Invite your colleagues

In addition to your corporate email being approved, so to has your corporate domain (eg. so any of your colleagues with a similar email can join just as easily so make sure to let them know.

We're here to help

If you have any problems joining, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Reach us at

You get what you give

Just like the Calgary Chamber itself, our group will be dependent on great contributions from members like you. Promoting your business, sharing ideas and listing job opportunities is encouraged – provided it is posted under the relevant tabs of the group.

After you join, take a minute to review our group rules.


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