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How do I become a member of the Calgary Chamber?

Thanks for asking! This can be done in person, over the phone, or online.

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Why should I join the Calgary Chamber?

For more than 126 years, businesses have depended on the Calgary Chamber to help them grow, connect with new customers and be their influential voice in shaping policy. The Chamber works every day to ensure that Calgary remains a great place where our businesses and communities continue to thrive.

We exist to make our members' businesses more successful by helping you solve your business challenges.

We work with you to understand your business and to understand what it is that keeps you up at night. 

Through its various service and program offerings the Chamber helps you:


Connect to other businesses, new customers and industry icons through networking and top-tier business events.


Grow your business using our promotional opportunities, educational workshops, market intelligence and Business Savings Program.


Influence policymakers to shape policy. Engage in the public conversation about issues important to your business.

How much government funding does the Chamber get?

The Calgary Chamber is a member-based association that receives no annual funding from any level of government.

We are funded through revenue generated by membership, events and sponsorship, advertising and other ancillary services to the business community. 

From time to time your Chamber will apply for project-based grants such as the leading policy work on the Aboriginal-Business Connection Series.

Is anyone here under 50?

Yes. Hello to the new Chamber, good-bye to "pale, stale and male."

Engaged businesses and their leaders come in all shapes, sizes, ages and gender and we welcome them all. 

From young, vibrant new businesses and entrepreneurs to seasonsed, mid-sized business owners and managers, to large corporations and business magnates, the Chamber has what you are looking for.

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How old is the oak panelling anyhow?

The oak panelling is long gone, replaced by a colourful, inspired new office that you are welcome at anytime. 

Since 2011 the Calgary Chamber has signalled it was heading in a new direction and as many can attest to, we are now well on our way to doing that, building a better city in the process

How much does membership to the Calgary Chamber cost?

Membership dues are based on the benefits and level of engagement your business is looking for.

Membership levels are built to address a business’ needs at various stages of growth. The levels offer choice and flexibility, which will help you decide what kind of a business community leader you want to be.

Annual membership dues range between $1299 and $20,000 (plus tax). For more information on our membership fees please contact our members services team.

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What types of companies join the Chamber?

The Calgary Chamber’s unmatched strength is based largely on those we represent.

Our membership consists of large and small companies, from manufacturing and real estate to retail and service firms. We represent a very diverse business community which gives the Chamber excellent credibility when advocating at the municipal and provincial level for changes that will improve the business climate in Calgary. By being so diverse, legislators and regulators understand our positions are responsible, and represent the business community as a whole, and not merely the apparent special interests of one industry.

You can see all our different members in our Members Directory

I’m already a member of a trade association. Doesn't that give me enough representation?

Joining your trade association is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. Your trade association informs and represents you best on issues that only impact your industry.

In addition to industry specific issues, you need a strong advocate on your behalf so policymakers are aware of your concerns in other important areas such as labour issues and workforce development, taxation, municipal direction and more. 

We strongly recommend supporting both your trade association and the Calgary Chamber. 

What makes the Calgary Chamber the best business organization to represent my interests?

Since our founding more than 126 years ago, the Calgary Chamber has been Calgary’s leading business advocate.

No other pro-business organization can match the Calgary Chamber’s independent and professional, policy and advocacy team.

The Chamber pushes for change on more issues, more often, than any other business organization in the city, and we get results.

Contact our policy team to learn more at or  403 750 0400.

Learn more about our committees and advocacy work in our Policy section

How are the Chamber’s priorities achieved?

As a member-driven organization, the Calgary Chamber staff frequently surveys its membership to determine their priorities as well as to gauge their satisfaction with the programs and services that we deliver. The Chamber’s member priorities, recognized by most policy makers as the official agenda of the business community, is made available each winter and is used to help guide the work of our policy and government affairs department.

How do I get in touch with other members?

The amount of ways to connect with your fellow members are almost endless - here are a few: 

Breakfast networking and Business After Hours - Structured and unstructured respectively, these networking-focused events allow you to easily interact with your fellow members.

Marquee Events - From industry thought leaders to politicians, these are always great way to stay current, network with top business professionals in Calgary and be seated with relevant prospects.

PeerSpectives - Stop struggling alone with the challenges facing your growing business, learn from your peers about how they approached it.

LinkedIn Group - This member-only group is an easy way to engage online by posting interesting articles or questions. 

Members Directory - Track down a fellow member you think you could help or could help you and reach out. 

How do I propose a new event idea, learning workshop or partnership to the Chamber?

We would love to hear your idea about what kind of events we should be putting on for the business community, what type of information or learning you are looking for or how we can work together on something.

Contact our events team at or 403 750 0432.

See what we are currently up to in our Interact section

Can I rent or buy your mailing list or your member database?

No. The Calgary Chamber has a privacy policy that does not allow the sale or rental of member names, emails or phone numbers in a wholesale manner to businesses or individuals.

If you would like to promote a service or offering to our larger Calgary business community mailing list we do offer advertising or you may contact specific relevant members through our member directory.

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How do I access the members only section on the website?

To log into the member-only section of our web site, go to