Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I login?

Please login at the member portal.

Watch this member information video for details:



What is my username?

By default your username will be the email we have on file for you as a Calgary Chamber member or if we do not have an email on file for you it will be a unique ID number that has been sent to you.

What is my password?

Your default password would have been emailed to you along with your username when your account was first created. If you do not have a record of this email or cannot recall what your password is please go to the forgot login page to get it sent to you.

I tried to get my password but it doesn't recognize my email - what should I do?

Please contact us so we can confirm what we have an email on file for you or your organization and assist you with logging in.

I am logged in, why can't I update my organization profile or submit an event or add a coupon etc?

This is because you are logged in as an individual. To update your organization's directory listing, add member events, create coupons or pay invoices you need to be logged with your organization's login.

This information is shared with the primary contact for your account. If you are unsure of who that is at your organization please contact us.

How do I pay my invoice online?

To pay any outstanding invoices, please login into your Corporate Membership Profile. Once there please select the Pay Your Bills option.

Member Events (Community events)

My organization is putting on an event - how do I add it to member events?

Log in as your organization and select Submit an Event. After we have reviewed it you'll be notified.

I submitted a member event and now I need to update it or cancel it - how can I do that? 

After your event has been submitted, if you require changes to it you will need to contact us.


I searched for my organization in the member directory and we didn't come up - why not?

A web listing may not be setup for your organization yet, please let us know and we'll get that fixed for you ASAP.

I'm not listed in the right category - how do I fix that?

Log in as your organization and select Contact Information. From here you will be able to update your primary category listing.

My membership level says I get more than one category listing - how do I add the others?

After you have reviewed all the categories please contact us to set up your additional listings. 

I uploaded my logo/photo/video but don't see them on my directory listing - why not?

Depending on your level of membership, the media information you upload might have restrictions. If you would like to learn more about your listing level please contact us at 403 750 0400 or

I noticed another organization has a contact form on their listing - how do I get that?

To have a contact form on your listing we need a general contact email for your organization. You can do this by logging in to your organization's profile or contacting us.

My organization doesn't fit into the categories you have available. Can I get a new one added?

We have tried our best to capture the great many industries our members are a part of, if you don't feel like we have the right one for you we'd be happy to discuss the right solution.  Please contact us


How do I create a coupon?

Log in as your organization and select Add a Coupon. After we have reviewed it you'll be notified.

What is the difference between Member-to-Member and General coupons?

Member-to-Member coupons require a member to login to be able to view the coupon.  General coupons allow anyone from the general public to view and redeem your coupon.

My question isn't answered here!

Please contact us.


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