Energy Future

Energy Future

Alberta’s energy sector is a key economic driver in the province, and because of its importance to many businesses in this city, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce has developed the Energy Future policy series. The Energy Future policy series looks at emerging opportunities and challenges inherent to the energy sector to get us thinking beyond the current resource prices, beyond the quarter and even beyond the fiscal year and instead consider a longer term approach to energy strategy.

Future work will focus on topics such as consumer electricity markets, mid-stream oil and gas development, market access, refining capacity, and energy generation. Our work will provide thoughtful, policy-focused work on the current state of energy in Alberta, and develop clear and actionable recommendations to industry and policy makers to ensure that the energy sector continues to thrive and be an engine of growth in this province.

Certainty. Efficiency. Value. Developing a regulatory system that keeps Alberta competitive

This paper is the first in this series of policy white papers examining energy issues, both provincially and federally, that impact Calgary’s businesses community. As a leading energy-based economy, it is important to ensure that there is a continual and constructive dialog on issues of regulation, sustainability, and competitiveness in the sector. Energy Future is meant to, over time, develop a body of work which touches on the most important aspects of the energy sector—offering policy insights and solutions to the challenges facing the province both today and into the future.

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