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November 23 2021

Summary: Speech from the Throne


Today, the House of Commons resumed sitting for the first time since the federal election on September 20, 2021. Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, outlined several priorities for the federal government in the historic Speech from the Throne.

As businesses experienced through pandemic support programs like wage and rent subsidies, federal decisions and policies have real and immediate impacts to Calgary’s business community. In light of this, we share a summary of today’s Speech from the Throne, including indications of government’s key priorities over the coming months.

The Speech from the Throne outlined three key priorities:

  1. Pandemic response and recovery
  2. Economic growth for everyone
  3. Fighting climate change

Pandemic response and recovery

Economic growth for everyone

Fighting climate change

The Speech from the Throne also signaled priorities in other areas including creating safer communities, addressing systemic racism and discrimination, increasing the pace of reconciliation efforts and strengthening Canada’s stance on global social justice issues.

As the voice of Calgary’s business community, the Calgary Chamber engages directly with the federal government to ensure the views and needs of businesses are reflected in government decisions, investment and public policy. Here is what we are calling on the federal government to take action on this session.

If there are additional priorities or policy issues you would like us to share on your behalf, please let us know by reaching out to