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Our Natural Resources

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Innovation at the heart of Alberta's ability to nourish the world AND have sustainable agriculture practices

The Calgary Chamber commends the Government of Alberta for its $21 million contribution towards agricultural education and innovation.

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Calgary Chamber urges commitment to natural resource development AND innovation for Alberta’s long-term economic recovery and resiliency

Protecting the health of Albertans and stabilizing the economy must remain top priority in the short-term

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Lalli: Together, we need to create a national vision for resource development

This op-ed was originally published by the Calgary Herald on February 29, 2020.

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We must reconcile natural resource development AND solve climate change through innovation: Teck’s withdrawal of Frontier is a clear signal

Solving climate change must be top priority, states Calgary Chamber of Commerce

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Canada’s Agriculture Summit: Major Themes and Key Takeaways

On January 16, 2020, over 550 industry leaders and policy makers gathered for an important conversation about how Canada can nourish the world ‘AND’ have sustainable agricultural practices, while remaining competitive on the global stage.

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Nourishing the world AND tackling climate change: Canadian agriculture is ready to lead

Calgary Chamber convenes business and policy leaders to chart future vision for the industry

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Throne speech sets stage for meaningful ‘AND’ conversations to move Canada forward

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce stands ready to work with the federal government to build a competitive future for Calgarians, Albertans, and all Canadians

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The ‘AND’ conversation critical to advancing Alberta’s interests as new federal cabinet is appointed

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce welcomes all newly and re-appointed ministers

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Encana to establish corporate domicile in the United States

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