Lemonade Day Calgary

June 8, 2019
9:00 am -  
5:00 pm
Locations around Calgary
600-237 8th Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

The Calgary Chamber and Junior Achievement Alberta have teamed up to bring Lemonade Day to Calgary!

On June 8, 2019 youth in Calgary will have the opportunity to open a business, and for some, earn their own money for the first time.

Lemonade Day is a community-wide program that teaches youth entrepreneurial and life skills as they learn how to start their very own business – a lemonade stand. Through the generous support of local sponsors, youth are provided with free materials (youth entrepreneur workbook and backpack) that equip them with the knowledge required to start a successful business.

Lemonade Day sets them on a path of learning and goal setting and for many, allows them to see a different future than they ever imagined.

Youth learn to set goals, develop a business plan, create a product, create a budget, seek an investor, choose a location, design a marketing plan, and provide customer service. They keep the money they earn and are encouraged to spend some, save some for the future, and share some by giving to a local charity of their choice.

Lemonade Day continues to increase children’s skills in the areas of financial literacy and mathematics. The results and impacts include:

·         88% of participants increased their financial vocabulary

·         86% of participants increased their ability to set financial goals

·         87% of participants increased their understanding of saving and philanthropy

·         88% of participants increased their correlation between math and the real world

You can get involved in Lemonade Day three ways; mentoring a child, sponsoring the event, or hosting a ‘safe stand’ location at your business.