The 403 series


The 403 series brings together some of Calgary’s top entrepreneurs to discuss topics that are relevant to all business owners. There are 4 of these events held annually with each one talking about a different business topic that help drive success.

The event series is one part networking and one part knowledge download from a panel of subject-matter experts. But this is isn’t your standard after-work networking event. The difference is that this series focuses on helping you build real, meaningful connections through structured networking activities that you actually want to participate in. Pair that with an intimate conversation where you get the in on special topics your business needs to know about from local innovators and learn how to bring a creative lens to your business.

The kicker? The format changes for every event in the series to keep things feeling fresh. But our promise to you is that you will get structured networking and a knowledge download every time.

Appetizers and beverages will be served throughout the night along with the perks mentioned above.


Upcoming 403 events

The 403: Community – August 27

The 403: Trends – November 26


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