Help us understand the impact of government costs on your business

Posted by: Kaitlyn Mason on February 27, 2017

Recent policy changes at the federal, provincial and municipal levels are increasing the cost of doing business in Calgary. The mandatory minimum wage hikes, increasing corporate tax rates, non-residential property tax payments, and the carbon levy are just a few examples.  

Considered individually, each policy is unlikely to erode Calgary’s competitive advantage. However, during an economic downturn, these policies taken together are impacting the Calgary business community.  

We call this the cumulative cost impact. 

To show the scope of that impact, we are now launching a “Cumulative Cost Assessment” – a report that illustrates how policies from each level of government are imposing new costs on Calgary business in challenging times. 

As a part of our continued advocacy work, the goal is to use the report’s findings to encourage all levels of government to refrain from implementing policies that place an overly large burden on businesses. 

And to do this, we need your help! 

Please take fifteen minutes to fill out our online questionnaire to help inform the Cumulative Cost Assessment.


Don’t worry, we will keep all the information you provide confidential – unless you want to be a spokesperson.

Questions or concerns?

For any inquiries please contact our policy department at or 403-750-0420