Ignite profile: Blitzprint

Posted by: Kaitlyn Mason on March 7, 2017

Last month, the Calgary Chamber launched its brand new Innovation Accelerator. The Accelerator – titled Ignite was designed to help local businesses accelerate their growth through rapid innovation.

There are four local companies in the first cohort of the program.  All are well established, growing businesses with an innovation idea, product or service concept that they are sprinting to have market ready in only 90 days.

Over the course of the three month program we will be following each company on their innovation journey, and sharing their stories with you. 


In this week’s blog we caught up with the president of Blitzprint , Kevin Lanuke, who talks about what he has learned in the first three weeks, the challenges he has faced and why he would recommend the accelerator program to other business owners.

What is the innovation idea/product or service that your company is working on as part of the Ignite program?

Blitzprint  is leveraging our expertise in providing print marketing services and expanding our offering to deliver a full, online marketing campaign platform. This will enable small and medium sized enterprise customers to generate leads through multiple marketing channels and cultivate those opportunities through to revenue. 

What specific things have you learned in your first three weeks of the program?

I’ve learned that there is a lot of people out there who are smarter than me . Introducing a technological product to market involves many additional and diverse stages. These new challenges require the same resources as bringing a hard product to market, however the soft product development and implementation are quite different.

How do you like the Ignite concept as a high intensity, fast-paced, mentor led, small group type of program? Does it work for you?

The program, so far, is right on target. The combination of insightful feedback from other participants and the program mentorship has provided a very rapid learning experience, something that may have taken me months to acquire on my own.

How do you feel that the Ignite Accelerator will help your company?

One of the important things I have learned is that there are approaches to building a new line of business that greatly reduce the risk and cost of failure. While we all fall in love with our idea, understanding and validating the true value that it brings to your target customers will ensure you invest your time and money wisely. Anytime I feel the safety net getting a little tighter, the better.

What has been challenging about the program?

Knowing that every two weeks, I have to get up in front of my peers and the mentors and report on our progress keeps the pressure on to move forward, and achieve what we set out to do. This supportive but high expectation environment is challenging, but valuable. 

Would you recommend the program?

Any business who wants to accelerate their innovative idea to market, should really be joining this program.

Blitzprint is a private Calgary based company that serves two distinct client segments. Their commercial printing arm provides fully customized, on-demand print services and products tailored to the needs of their small, medium and large enterprise clients .Their publishing services provides authors the ability to self-publish their book with affordable publishing consultation and manufacturing. Blitzmark is a division of Blitzprint Inc.