Premier Notley addresses Calgary businesses on getting Alberta energy to new markets

Posted by: Alycia Lowdon on November 28, 2017

Given the past few years of economic hardships, now more than ever, we need our leaders to stand up for Alberta’s energy industry. We need our government and business leaders to tout the economic benefits created through our energy industry, the jobs created, and the global benefits from using safe and clean Alberta resources.

The Alberta Premier’s keynote address

On Friday, November 24, Premier Rachel Notley continued her cross-country tour by delivering a keynote to Calgary businesses. The address emphasized the need to access new markets, the importance of Alberta’s energy sector to the health of the Canadian economy, and our leadership in environmental policies and clean production.

The Premier also had a clear message for all political leaders across Canada; given the importance of the energy industry and market access for all Canadians, decisions must be based in evidence and for the national interest, rather than based on political ideologies. She urged the federal government to take a stronger role on energy transmission in Canada to make sure that projects that have been deemed to be in the national interest, like Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Project, get built.

Throughout the Premier’s cross-country tour, she has reinforced that Alberta’s energy industry has some of the strongest environmental regulations on the planet. Alberta’s energy industry is a safer and cleaner alternative to energy sources that are developed in other regions around the world.

Advocacy going forward

Alberta’s energy industry is a cornerstone of Canada’s national well-being. Even with lower oil prices, our industry helps drive the national economy, supports hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country, and the taxes and royalties are used to build schools, roads, and hospitals. Business leaders, elected officials, and advocacy groups must continue to spread this message across Canada.

We will continue to work with the Alberta Government to ensure Alberta’s climate policies balance the need for environmental stewardship, with the need for economic growth. This will include identifying areas where government expenditures can better support business competitiveness and working with all levels of government to ensure climate policies do not put unnecessary regulatory costs on business.