Logo Kit


Organizations and individuals looking to use the Calgary Chamber logo on their materials should contact marketing@calgarychamber.com for usage permission and follow the guidelines set out on this page.

Our logo consists of two elements – the Calgary Chamber wordmark and the C symbol.

Logo Exclusion Zone

To ensure that the Logo always has the greatest impact, it is important to provide an area of clear space around it.

The minimum exclusion zone is shown here, but when possible, this clear space should be increased to allow the Logo to visually sit well in relation to other graphical elements. No other graphical object should appear within the exclusion zone.


Sponsorship Placement

Special events often call for promotional material, where the Chamber logo is presented alongside other branded elements.

Ensure that there is the necessary clear space around the logotype whenever it is used alongside other logos. The logo should be sized to ensure appropriate balance and visibility. Busy backgrounds do not help with clarity and standout. If the logo is to be placed on a busy background, consider using a white or black panel behind the logotype to help with standout.

In certain situations, when the Calgary Chamber is co-branding a document or publication (e.g. reports, posters, leaflets, etc.). In order to achieve visual balance, the overall height of the logos should be roughly equivalent. Rules about the exclusion zone should always be followed – if you have any questions, contact the Marketing team through the email address above.



Calgary Chamber logos are available here for download. If you have any questions regarding how to use the Chamber logo or wordmark, contact the Marketing team through the email address listed above.

CC logo – wordmark

CC logo – symbol