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Want more information? We totally understand where you’re coming from. If you have any questions, our Member Services team would be happy to meet with you. Contact us via email at membership@calgarychamber.com or by phone at 403-750-0400.

For more than 127 years, businesses have depended on the Calgary Chamber to help them grow, connect with new customers and be their influential voice in shaping policy. We help you:


Accelerate your business growth

Grow your business through programs that expand your leadership and strategic tools, educational workshops, promotional opportunities, market intelligence, and the Chamber’s unmatched discounts program called Bottom Line Boosters.


Events with purpose

Network with new business partners, industry peers, customers and leading CEOs through the city’s top business events and exclusive roundtables. Connect to the right people at business events with purpose.


Speak with a louder voice

Have your voice heard by government and policymakers. The Chamber is the voice of business in Calgary, with a proven reputation for generating action on critical issues that impact your business competitiveness.


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Ranging from large to small companies, and spanning all industries, the Chamber’s membership base is truly diverse group of local businesses.

That diversity lends credibility to the organization, as legislators and regulators understand our positions represent the whole business community, and not just the special interests of one industry.You can see all our different members in our Members Directory, and represented in the pictures throughout our website.

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Each of our different membership levels has been tailor-made to create a unique experience for your business, one that delivers value and makes you say, “that was totally worth it”.

Annual membership dues range between $625 and $20,000 (plus tax).

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Let’s talk about the Chamber itself

The Calgary Chamber is a member-based association that receives no annual funding from any level of government.

We are funded through revenue generated by membership, events and sponsorship, advertising and other ancillary services to the business community.

Yes. We’ve shaken off our “pale, stale and male” past and have transformed into a vibrant, fresh, and dynamic organization. Engaged businesses and their leaders come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders—and we welcome all of them.

From young, vibrant new businesses and entrepreneurs to seasoned, mid-sized business owners and managers, to large corporations and business magnates, this is your Calgary Chamber.


Advocacy and policy work

As a member-driven organization, we frequently survey our members to determine their priorities on key business issues, as well as to gauge their satisfaction with the programs and services they have access to.

The priorities of Chamber members are recognized by most policy makers as the official agenda of the business community, and are used to help guide the work of our Policy team.

The Calgary Chamber is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that has acted as the primary connector between government and the local business community since our founding more than 127 years ago.

As a non-partisan organization representing a diverse group of businesses, the Chamber is recognized for its long-standing record of credibility. When we advocate for change on key issues to improve the business environment, government listens and more often than any other pro-business organization in the city, we get results.


Joining your trade association is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. They are your strongest advocate and representation on the that impact only your industry.

But in addition to industry-specific issues, you need an organization that can act as a strong advocate on your business’ behalf so that policymakers are aware of your concerns on issues that impact more than just your industry—like taxation, labour code, climate leadership, municipal direction, and more. That’s where we come in.

We strongly recommend supporting both your trade association and the Calgary Chamber.



We would love to hear your idea about what kind of events we should be putting on for the business community, what type of information or learning you are looking for or how we can work together on something.



Connecting with Chamber members

No. The Calgary Chamber has a privacy policy that does not allow the sale or rental of member names, emails or phone numbers in a wholesale manner to businesses or individuals.

If you would like to promote a service or offering to our larger Calgary business community mailing list we do offer advertising options in our weekly eConnecting newsletter or on our website.



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