Minimum wage

About the policy

The Chamber fully supports the Alberta Government’s objective of alleviating poverty. However, minimum wage increases ineffectively target those most in need, while impacting small and medium-sized businesses.

The increase in labour costs is resulting in unintended negative consequences, such as reduced hours, and a reluctance to hire low-skilled or less experienced workers at the higher salary range.

What we are doing

Given the large costs to Calgary businesses, and the unintended negative consequences on employment, the we have strongly advocated for alternative policy approaches to be explored by the Alberta Government.

As a part of our Layered Cost Assessment in late 2017, we recommended that the Alberta Government halt the minimum wage increases at $13.60/hour until an in-depth analysis can be completed on its impact on provincial economic activity and employment. The Chamber also recommended targeted approaches to poverty alleviation, including an expansion of the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit to cover the full demographic of low-income working Albertans.