Engage on business tax changes

Engage on business tax changes

Recently the Government of Canada announced some of the most sweeping changes to business tax laws seen in 50 years – a set of three major tax changes and increases for small business:

  1. Limiting income-splitting (Learn more)
  2. Higher tax rate on passive investments (Learn more)
  3. Limiting the conversion of regular income into capital gains.(Learn more)

Your Chamber has been actively fighting for your business: working to extend the consultation around these changes, making sure the government understands the negative impact they will have on many legitimate small businesses, and strongly encouraging them to rethink the taxes altogether. 

As a member of the Chamber, this advocacy work is one of the most important ways that we are delivering value for you, by fighting for you even while you are busy running your business. And we want to help you engage with the Government.

Complete this form and tell Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and all MPs in Alberta to reconsider these business tax changes!

(Feel free to personalize the subject line)

The Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance 
Department of Finance Canada 
90 Eglin Street Ottawa, 
Ontario K1A 0G5 
Dear Minister Morneau: 

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This will be appended to the bottom of the email.

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