Municipal Advocacy: Rebalancing the Property Tax

Structural Changes Needed to Calgary’s Property Tax System

For the past four years the City of Calgary has been struggling to come up with a long-term, stable solution to deal with the ongoing property tax situation. 

High vacancy rates in the downtown core have shifted the tax burden to businesses outside the downtown core. These, often small businesses, are seeing double digit increases in their tax bills, creating an environment filled with uncertainty. 

The Chamber has been advocating for structural changes to the tax system including three changes to create a more equitable tax base:

  1. Reduce the non-residential to residential tax ratio from 4.2:1 to 3.1:1 by the end of the current council’s term in 2021 and commit to further reductions by 2023. 
  2. Reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of local government. 
  3. Sell city-owned land. 

Below are links to the advocacy work we’ve done. It includes: 

  • The presentation we prepared, in consultation with experts and the business community, and shared with Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Calgary City Council
  • Press Releases
  • Policy Papers
  • Blogs 
  • Media Coverage

2019 Advocacy 

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2018 Advocacy 


2017 Advocacy

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