Provincial Advocacy: Businesses Drive Cities that Thrive

2019 Alberta Election Platform: Businesses Drive Cities that Thrive

The Calgary Chamber is a non-partisan organization, founded, and funded by you, our members, the Calgary Business community. In advance of the upcoming 2019 Alberta Provincial election we are launching our provincial election platform, advocating for a better business environment in Calgary and across all of Alberta. 

Our platform will inform all parties and candidates of the areas that Calgary’s business community wants to see prioritized by the next Alberta government. 

Once known as a province where risks were often rewarded, many investors now see Alberta as too risky. Households are struggling to find work, pay rent and mortgages, and maintain a quality of life they have worked hard to achieve. 

But there is a path forward, there are opportunities to invest in Alberta, and our city is ready to get moving, and get moving quickly. 

To do this, our economy needs government policy that creates the environment for business growth.

On January 24, 2019 we launched our provincial policy platform Businesses Drive Cities that Thrive. 

Grounded in five key business principles we are asking the next government to adopt nine recommendations: 

1) Create stability through fiscal responsibility 

2) Drive productivity through regulatory and tax reform

3) Support growth through internal trade and access to markets

4) Increase certainty through good governance and accountability

5) Prepare for the future by developing and retaining a skilled workforce





Our business community is extremely resilient, but that resilience continues to be tested. If businesses are struggling, communities struggle as well. 

We encourage everyone to read our full platform and engage with us throughout the upcoming months as we talk more about Alberta’s economy. 

When it comes time to vote, we as citizens, need to vote for the policy we want to see govern our business climate and communities. 


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