The layered costs of government policies

The layered costs of government policies

Layered cost assessment

This holiday season let's make Calgary the best place in the country to live, work, and grow a business! We have created a business holiday wish list with four recommendations on how we can make it happen. 

Minimum wage increases, rising municipal property taxes, and Alberta’s carbon levy have all been put in place at a time where unemployment remains high, and consumer spending low. On their own, each policy's merits can be weighted. However taken together these policies are causing real harm to businesses and the community. Because when businesses see an increase in costs, it can mean higher prices for Calgary’s households, fewer funds for Calgary’s businesses to reinvest, and fewer job opportunities for Calgary’s workers. We call this the layered cost impact. 

We surveyed Calgary businesses in a variety of sectors and came up with the following holiday wish list for businesses covering three issues with four recommendations having a serious impact on budding entrepreneurs and successful companies. 

  • Wish 1: Conduct a layered cost assessment as part of policy development
  • Wish 2: Hold the minimum wage steady at $13.60/hour, until an in-depth analysis can be completed
  • Wish 3: Develop a long-term solution to avoid large swings in property assessments and tax bills 
  • Wish 4: Use more of the carbon levy's revenue to reduce corporate and personal income tax

This is just a start, we hope these findings encourage all levels of government to conduct their own layered cost assessments when implementing policy changes. 

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