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When disaster strikes these resources will help you understand how to construct a plan for your business and employees to get through.

Emergency Business Contact Database

In partnership with of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), and supported by the Government of Alberta, the Calgary Chamber has created the Emergency Business Contact Database (EBCD).

The EBCD helps facilitate communication and collaboration between CEMA and the business community (Calgary and Southern Alberta) during emergencies, such as natural disasters, that could impact operations of your business. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation, when it is important to get timely information regarding business continuity out to the business community, the EBCD will be utilized to share relevant emergency business information.

Learn more about CEMA, what you will get sent, who has access to this data, who should sign up and how you can get these resources to help your community in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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If you know a person that will be tasked with sharing information to your business during a crisis please let them know about this service by sending them an email with the link http://www.calgarychamber.com/emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our full Privacy Policy for the Emergency Business Contact Database here.

What is CEMA?

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) plans and coordinates emergency services and resources during major emergencies and disasters. CEMA works with other City departments, corporations, communities and non-profit agencies to increase Calgary’s capacity to be prepared for and recover more quickly from a disaster.

What are you going to send me? 

You will receive no marketing material, ever – this information will be used to relay emergency information.

From time to time we may reach out to ensure contact information is up to date or to test the system.

Who will have access to this data?

The contact information being collected is being kept in a separate and secure database and will not be sold or shared to any third party.

The Calgary Chamber, in its role as an emergency partner to CEMA, has sole access to the data, and will use it only for business–related emergency, disaster and recovery information.

Who should sign up?

We urge any Southern Alberta business, large or small, and especially those in Calgary, to sign up the appropriate person(s) for relevant alerts. Please share this page with important contacts.

What else can I do?

Develop a Business Continuity Plan with the help of CEMA’s Business Continuity Handbook.

I am interested in implementing these tools in my own community, how do I start?

Great, we want these tools to be used worldwide and they are free to all. We suggest you start by reading our flood story, of how this worked in our city and contact media@calgarychamber.com to get more info on how to implement the tools.

Where can I learn more?

If you have additional questions about the Emergency Business Contact Database please contact media@calgarychamber.com