Our roots are deep which means our growth has no limits, and it is our job to nourish, power and inspire you and your business so you can nourish, power and inspire the world.

This is no small feat, but we’re up for it, because together we are mighty and our mission to grow the business community means you are never alone. We are always by your side. You can count on us – to be your department of policy, connection or advocacy. To be your biggest voice, to have your back, and to be your most trusted advisors. To double-down on commerce so you can grow.

We’re not in it for ourselves, we are 100% member founded and funded, and we operate with our members’ best interests at heart. We are relentless in our pursuit of relevance, of growth, and of innovation.

‘It’s Grow Time’ is our new mantra. Our call to action. Our bottom line. And we want you to join us in this journey of looking to the future and committing to grow in whatever way makes a difference to you.

The Chamber is here for you. We are your Podium of Record – where you can come for trusted and valued business advice and advocacy. We are your innovation hub with our accelerator program Ignite. We support the next generation of business leaders with GenYYC in partnership with the Calgary Foundation. We give you a peer to talk to when you need one with CEO Peer Mentoring. We build a community of likeminded business owners and all are welcome.

Business has built this city, making it an incredible place to live and work, and the Chamber is here to build business. The Chamber is Calgary’s champion, at the heart of Calgary’s business community since 1891 (3 years before Calgary became a city). We Nourish, Power, and Inspire to build an environment where business can grow and the city can thrive.

  • Nourish – The Chamber creates the foundation for businesses to thrive.
  • Power – When businesses thrive, they power the city to greater heights.
  • Inspire – Building the spirit that inspires greater success.

By working together to champion business in Calgary, we can drive success for the city.

Join us. It’s Grow Time.


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