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Get your own Department of Insights

The Chamber’s CEO Peer Mentoring program gives you access to seasoned leaders who will share invaluable insights that you can use to grow your business and become a stronger leader. The ultimate business coaches!

Become a stronger leader and grow your business faster

You are at the top, so who do you turn to when you need to talk through the challenges facing your business? Our CEO Peer Mentoring program may be just what you’re looking for. 

  • Entry into a group of fellow business owners to talk through the tough stuff. 
  • Valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • Proven shortcuts to success.
  • Support from a group that gets it. They know the challenges you face and how to make your life easier.
  • Confidence to make smarter decisions that will help grow your business faster.
  • An opportunity to share your knowledge and insights to help other leaders.

The CEO Peer Mentoring program utilizes the Edward Lowe Foundation’s internationally recognized methodology of peer learning programs. You learn from business decisions other’s have made, leveraging your peers’ experiences to support positive outcomes for you and your business. 

Climb higher. Grow faster.

Each CEO Peer Mentoring “table” is made up of a consistent group of participants who get to know each other and their businesses in depth over the course of their participation in the program. Participants are asked to make a year-long commitment to attend the program and many business owners continue to meet with their tables for several years.

Why you should join the CEO Peer mentoring program

  • Because you want a group of peers to talk through your business challenges.
  • Because you want to ensure you are making the best decisions for your business.
  • Because you want to improve your leadership skills. 

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Program Details

Committed to being available for one 4 hour meeting, once a month for approximately 10 months.  

Tables are built around a non-compete/no conflict policy between all table participants. Anyone interested in joining the program will be reviewed for “right fit” by the existing members of a group. Consideration will be given to the sector/industry of the applicant (we will not put business competitors in the same group), size of the business (revenue), number of employees and length of time in business. Each candidate will go through the following steps before being approved: 

  1. Fill out the on-line application form
  2. Application will be reviewed by the Program Facilitator for initial fit and availability of a seat at an appropriate table
  3. If a potential seat is available, basic information about the candidate will be shared with the existing members of that group (Name, Company name, industry/sector they operate in)
  4. Existing members provide feedback. Each member has the opportunity to approve the candidate or express a concern.
  5. Once a decision by the group has been made, the candidate with be informed if they have been accepted into the group or not. If accepted, the candidate will receive the calendar dates for all scheduled meetings and will be on-boarded into the program.
  6. If a seat is not currently available (all groups are full) or there is a competition or conflict concern, the candidate can choose to be placed on a wait list to form a new table.  

CEO Peer Mentoring is a 12-month commitment with tables starting in January. The program cost is $2,499/year and is renewed annually in January for returning participants.

*New participants are able to join the program at any time, subject to a seat being available at an appropriate table (see Eligibility and Application process details above).

*The registration fee for candidates joining a table mid-year will be pro-rated to reflect the number of sessions remaining in the calendar year at the time they join. 

  • Tables consist of between 12-16 members
  • 1 participant per company
  • Table members are the business owner, CEO, president or partner – AKA the decision maker within their company 



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