The Stride



Join Calgary’s Department of Building Tomorrow

The Stride is a program designed to build leaders with the skills to create innovative, out of the box solutions that impact how we all live, work and play in Calgary. To see what the current cohort is doing and to learn more about the program go to The Stride.


Become a visionary leader and grow your community

The Stride is a leadership development program designed through a collaborative partnership between the Calgary Chamber and the Calgary Foundation. You help combine the power of the for-profit and non-profit sectors to create a better economy and a better world, while growing your leadership skills.

  • Connect with a deep network of top leaders from across all sectors. 
  • Connect with diverse ideas. 
  • Create community impact initiatives. 
  • Become a leader that drives social responsibility forward in your organization. 
  • Build purpose-driven partnerships between businesses and community organizations. 
  • Mentorship from local leaders to help you grow as a professional. 


Grow as a leader. Make the world a better place.

Through providing young leaders with an opportunity to better understand some of the complex issues facing our city, The Stride creates a platform to envision how we can address those challenges, all while building a deep network with top leaders from across all sectors. 


Why you should participate in The Stride

  • Because you want to be an impactful leader in Calgary. 
  • Because you want to understand community issues from different perspectives. 
  • Because you want to broaden your opportunities. 
  • Because you want to be a part of building Calgary’s future. 
  • Because you want mentors.