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BOOM x Calgary Chamber

Exclusive benefits for Calgary Chamber members

Enjoy instant access to discounts and promotions towards your favourite services and retail stores.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Western Canada's premier employee rewards program, BOOM, to bring an exciting new benefit to its members. With the BOOM network, Calgary Chamber members and their employees can unlock incredible savings on everyday purchases and exclusive items.

This exclusive partnership not only helps individuals save money effortlessly but also provides employers with a powerful tool to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. Calgary Chamber members will enjoy discounted flights, accommodations, wellness products, electronics, clothing, and more from top retail brands. Say goodbye to paying full price and hello to incredible savings!

Signing up is quick and easy, and privacy is fully protected. Once registered, enjoy a variety of exclusive savings:

Travel More, Spend Less: Exclusive travel savings on flights and car rentals for your next getaway.
Home & Auto Insurance: Special rates to protect your peace of mind.
Stay & Relax: Reduced rates on accommodations.
Electronics: Discounts on the latest gadgets and devices.
Health & Wellness: Deals to prioritize your well-being.

To get started, contact the Calgary Chamber primary contact within your organization, or reach out directly to

*Only available to all members paying annual membership fees. Have questions? Read our FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Access BOOM Benefits

Are you already a Chamber Member or an employee of a member organization? Begin reaping the benefits of this partnership and unlock your exclusive savings today.

Register for BOOM via our member portal

Empower Your Employees with BOOM

Interested in learning more about BOOM and how their rewards program and membership can benefit you and your team? Visit their website to learn more.

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You can register with whichever email address you prefer. Only one email address can be registered for each account.

Family members can enjoy the rewards of membership as well, if desired. Please keep in mind that since the membership is registered to a specific individual, others will need to access the account using the registered email address and personal password.

Once you have registered, you can access the website by 'logging in' with your email address and password at That is all that's required!

Once you're on the website, you can click on whichever promotion interests you; the promo will explain how to redeem or purchase. It may say that you are required to "show your membership number" at the place of business, or it may say "mention you are a Chamber member when booking" or you may simply need to "click on the button to purchase."

All transactions are private and and confidential.

If you forget your password, once you are on the login page, you can click on "Forgot Password?" underneath the password box and an email will be sent to you to allow you to change your password. If you want to change your email address, you can send an email to: with both the current email address and the desired change.

Activations to BOOM member benefits are dependent on your Calgary Chamber membership level. Here is how many activations you are allotted, based on your membership:

Purpose | Unlimited

Prestige | 5,000

Champion | 2,000

Accelerate | 500

Connect | 150

Build | 50

Startup | 5

Student | 1

Individual | 1

If you are experiencing any issues signing up or using the BOOM platform, please reach out to

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