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Create an inclusive community

Our priorities

Our vision is a city and economy that is inclusive, safe, and provides opportunity for everyone, particularly those economically or socially marginalized.


Emerging evidence shows economic hardship during the pandemic has been felt more acutely by certain segments of the population, particularly based on gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Simultaneous current events have placed a spotlight on the systemic injustice, racism, and oppression faced by Black, Indigenous and other minority groups.


A recovery for everyone will lay the foundation for a more equitable society and will expand economic opportunity for all, leading to a more stable, expansive and rapid economic recovery.

Calgary is Canada’s third most diverse city, which presents a unique opportunity for us to capitalize on the economic benefits derived from a dynamic and diverse workforce. Immigrants are more likely to own their own businesses and be university educated, leading to increased economic growth, a broader pool of talent and more vibrant and inclusive communities.

How we move forward

1. Pursue policies and infrastructure that increase physical and social accessibility.

Accessibility is both a social issue from an equity perspective, and economic issue. National estimates suggest increasing workplace access across Canada would increase GDP nationally by $16.8 billion by 2030.

Focus on initiatives, programs and services that enhance physical and social accessibility including advancing work of initiatives like Vibrant Communities Calgary’s Enough for All Strategy.

Commit to a diversity and inclusion framework to ensure equitable access when developing financial supports and sourcing contracts.

Invest in child care infrastructure, including through converting vacant downtown spaces, to increase participation of parents in the economy.

Address gender inequality in the workforce, which is anticipated to boost economic growth by $150 billion.

Facilitate access to robust broadband networks through the city to enable remote working and learning.

2. Invest in mental health supports.

Beyond mental health in the workplace, supporting mental health of Calgarians is critical to creating vibrant communities, and a healthy, well-functioning economy. In December 2020, one in five Canadians reported a formal diagnosis of depression or anxiety.

Advance initiatives and recommendations laid out in the City’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy and Action Plan including efforts to coordinate and promote a coordinated network of mental health services.

Promote available programs and initiatives that encourage positive mental health in workplaces.

3. Use the GBA+ framework to inform decision-making to enable greater participation, opportunity and equity for all genders, particularly women.

GBA+ is an “analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people may experience [the design, analysis, and implementation of] policies, programs and initiatives.”

Direct Administration to provide an update on the adoption and implementation of GBA+ training and use in decision-making.

Share City of Calgary’s approach to using the GBA+ framework with Calgary’s business community through free training opportunities.

4. Collaborate with government, public, and non-profits to invest in infrastructure projects for permanent supportive and affordable housing.

Infrastructure investments are a tried-and-true lever governments can pull in an economic recession and should be used in part to help address our social challenges.

To create construction jobs and reduce vacancy, advance the COVID-19 Community Affordable Housing Advocacy Plan in collaboration with provincial and federal governments, non-profit and private partners.

Advance the Implementation Plan of the City’s Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy including leveraging City land, supporting the community to build new affordable housing, improving the housing system and strengthening intergovernmental partnerships.

Reduce barriers and broaden criteria for obtaining property tax exemptions for affordable and mixed-income housing downtown.

Create an inclusive community

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