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Changing the channel on Canadian oil and gas

Despite growing demand for energy around the world, Canada’s energy production still lacks a global presence, held back by infrastructure challenges and complacency when it comes to accessing global markets.

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Struggling with cash flow? Take these six urgent steps now

Maintaining reliable cash flow is among the toughest challenges for any business and a critical part of that is collecting overdue bills. But reaching out to hard-earned customers to ask for payment has always been one of the most uncomfortable and delicate tasks in business.

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Ongoing protests harming businesses, driving consumers away

As businesses focus on economic recovery, ongoing protests threaten consumer confidence with detrimental impacts to community vibrancy and prosperity.

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Launch a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy that includes deaf and hard of hearing employees

As organizations continue to move toward building environments that honour the range of values, cultures, abilities, and disabilities within the workforce, here is how to launch a strategy that includes deaf and hard of hearing employees.

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Welcome New Members | February 2022

The Calgary Chamber would like to introduce our newest members that have come on board in the month of February 2022

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Calgary Chamber of Commerce Pre-Budget Submission 2022

Our submission outlines recommendations to the Government of Canada that will allow businesses across Canada to prosper and build a more resilient, competitive and inclusive future.

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Parkland: Fuelling the energy transition

Parkland is committed to building on their progress in shaping the future of renewable fuels. That includes providing customers with more low-carbon fuel choices while reducing their own carbon footprint.

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Budget 2022 sets clear path to economic recovery

With pandemic recovery on the horizon, Alberta Budget 2022 reflects future-focused investments to spur economic growth and support diversification across several sectors.

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Economic recovery must be priority as Alberta Legislature resumes

We are calling for a path towards a strong, sustainable and inclusive economic recovery.

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