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February 23 2023

Post-Event Recap | Confluence YYC: Money presented by SureCall

The Chamber flag waves outside Trolley 5, the venue for Confluence YYC: Money, presented by SureCall.

The Calgary Chamber has launched a new event series!

Sponsored by SureCall Contact Centers, Confluence YYC is one part networking, one part knowledge download from a panel of subject-matter experts. These events focus on helping build meaningful connections through structured networking, paired with an intimate conversation where guests get the inside scoop on topics integral to their businesses.

On Thursday, February 16, the Chamber hosted a diverse crowd of Calgary business owners and leaders to grow their networks and hear from a panel of experts at the first edition of the series, Confluence YYC: Money, at Trolley 5. Our three panellists featured were:

The speakers covered an array of topics, from inflation and business tax to inflation and recession-proofing businesses during an economic downturn.

Join us for the next edition of our series on March 8: Confluence YYC: International Women's Day, when we will host an enlightening and empowering evening of conversation at Sub Rosa, with industry leaders discussing how women can continue to thrive and succeed in the everchanging landscape of work.

About SureCall

SureCall is much more than a contact center. They are a purpose-driven multi-award winning business process optimization company, that provides global services to SMEs and large corporations alike. As a certified B Corporation and UN Global Signatory, SureCall focuses on sustainable bespoke solutions. They cover the full range of applications so they can offer multiple options to get all your processes handled through one partner who has your best interest at heart. Special thanks to SureCall Contact Centers for sponsoring the 2023 Confluence YYC series.

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