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March 14 2022

Ongoing protests harming businesses, driving consumers away

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The following statement on ongoing protests along 17th Avenue is attributable to Deborah Yedlin, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce:

Calgary, March 14, 2022 – “Protests in business districts including 17th Avenue are driving consumers away and severely disrupting their ability to return to normal operations. As businesses throughout the city set their sights on recovery following two years of pandemic-related challenges – and the construction activities prior to that, which also impacted pedestrian and vehicular traffic – it is crucial they can do so, uninhibited.

“While the right to voice concerns is a democratic right, the ability to live and work freely and safely within our communities is also a right to which we are all entitled. We urge those eager to share their message to move protests to a location that doesn’t impede commerce in our city, where the main impact is to have concerns heard, rather than harming bystander businesses.

“Districts like 17th Avenue are hubs for commerce and community – they are vital employers, important contributors to our property tax base, and are places of community vibrancy and connection. From lingering impacts of construction in the beltline, to the ripple effects of pandemic-related restrictions, businesses are ready to move forward.”

About the Calgary Chamber

The Calgary Chamber is an independent non-profit, non-partisan business organization. For 131 years the Chamber has worked to be the convenor and catalyst for a vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous business community, for the benefit of all Calgarians.

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