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Renew your membership before it expires and get 10% more event credits.

As a Calgary Chamber member, you support our events and operations year over year. To show our appreciation, we are giving members who renew before their Chamber membership lapses an extra 10% in event credits. This offer is for existing Calgary Chamber members who renew before their membership expires.

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Membership Levels

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Early renewal: 248 event credits

Standard: 225 event credits

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Early renewal: 633 event credits

Standard: 575 event credits

Accelerate membership icon


Early renewal: 935 event credits

Standard: 850 event credits

Champion membership icon


Early renewal: 1,320 event credits

Standard: 1,200 event credits

Prestige membership icon


Early renewal: 2,200 event credits

Standard: 2,000 event credits

Purpose membership icon


Early renewal: 3,520 event credits

Standard: 3,200 event credits

Student membership icon


Early renewal: 55 event credits

Standard: 50 event credits

Individual membership icon


Early renewal: 220 event credits

Standard: 200 event credits

Startup membership icon


Early renewal: 220 event credits

Standard: 200 event credits

Enhance your membership experience by using these credits yourself, sharing with a member of your organization or even a customer. Learn, grow your network and increase employee engagement by attending our events, including keynotes, workshops and panel discussions.

Are you ready to claim this offer? Contact your membership advisor at to renew now and secure your extra event credits.

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Small Business Week Kickoff

See our up-to-date Events Calendar to decide where you can spend your credits! We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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