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Unlocking our Talent Potential

Unlocking our Talent Potential is a four-part series that provides policy recommendations and tangible solutions to address the city's talent-related challenges.

Unlocking our Talent Potential was created by business, for business. Intended to advance the conversation and spur increased collaboration on talent and labour shortages in Calgary, Unlocking our Talent Potential tables creative ideas and opportunities that all levels of government can capitalize on to strengthen our talent pipeline and eliminate gaps experienced by many businesses – large and small.

To develop the recommendations contained within, the Calgary Chamber convened a policy council with thought leaders from businesses across several sectors, post-secondary institutions, childcare providers, immigration law firms, recruitment firms, professional services, and small business owners. We spoke directly with young Calgarians and, consulted local businesses. Bringing together a diversity of participants, we have endeavoured to ensure our recommendations reflect the diversity of Calgary’s business community and work towards a more equitable and just economy and society.

Refining our immigration policies to grow our talent pool

Part 1

Refining our immigration policies to grow our talent pool

We envision a diverse Calgary that attracts global talent from all backgrounds, enabling our city and businesses to have the people needed to thrive in the economy of today and tomorrow.

Our recommendations

Part 2

Building an inclusive and values-driven workforce

To attract and retain talent in a competitive labour market, we must demonstrate leadership in inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility– from childcare to mental health.

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Part 3

Investing in people, culture, and infrastructure

We must invest in our people, culture, and our infrastructure to create a Calgary that is a magnet for talent, known for our quality of life, cultural scene, young energy, and vibrancy.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Part 4

Strengthening our brand and reputation

Our reputation and brand significantly impacts our ability attract new talent and investment. Our brand must reflect the diversity of our people and industries, and highlight the Calgary of today and tomorrow.

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