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Rebalance and stabilize property taxes

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Varcoe: ‘Definition of insanity’ — again, council wades into tax relief for businesses

This article was originally published by the Calgary Herald on January 22, 2020.

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City of Calgary 2019 property assessment review period currently open

Calgary business property owners have until March 12 to review their 2019 assessment values with the City after assessments were sent out last week to both residential and non-residential property owners.

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City Budget 2020: Chamber Update and Perspective

Following a weeks’ long deliberation and much committee work beforehand, City Council approved the 2020 budget and adjustments to the One Calgary Service Plans at the end of November 2019.

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Dive Deeper: Calgary’s property tax system at a crucial crossroads

How property taxes are calculated, where Calgary currently stands, and what the Chamber has been advocating for to ensure certainty for Calgary’s business community.

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Calgary Chamber Statement on City Budget for 2020

City must work with province to build vibrant and prosperous communities

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Chamber Position on Non-Residential Property Taxes

We call on City Council to restructure property taxes in the next municipal budget

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Calgary's property tax system to be tested once again

As budget talks ramp up in November for the 2020 fiscal year, we urge the City to stop tinkering with potential scenarios and take meaningful action.

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Calgary Chamber supports City’s bold action in approving new Event Centre

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City hall must fix structural problem with the property tax system

Over the past few years the Chamber has worked with City Council and administration to find solutions to address the ongoing property issue facing our city.

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