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Power Hours

A series of virtual webinars for senior leaders, free and exclusive to Calgary Chamber members.

Bright Wire Power Hours

Bright Wire's Power Hour webinars are one-hour, high-impact micro-learning modules featuring relevant, timely, and customizable leadership development topics. Used to build insight, awareness, and confidence in capability development, Power Hours create interactive and engaging learning experiences that are transformative, rather than simply informative. Participants learn, practice, and act on the learning, and leave with immediately applicable tools and resources.


Power Hours are free and exclusive to Calgary Chamber members.

Yes. Power Hours are exclusive to Chamber members only. Not a member yet? See our membership page to learn more!

Mark your calendar for the sessions this year:

  • Power Hour One – February 28th | 12:00 MST | Register now
  • Power Hour Two – April 18th | 12:00 MST | Register now
  • Power Hour Three – September 26th | 12:00 MST
  • Power Hour Four – November 20th | 12:00 MST

Find out more about upcoming sessions

Bright Wire Leadership session

Topic One: Leadership For the Future | The Power and Nuance of Candor

For Leaders in business today, managing time and efficiently developing people is key to future success. Candor is an essential leadership capability that when learned helps leaders maximize their communication and achieve results faster, with stronger relationships and higher degrees of satisfaction.

During this high-impact virtual Power Hour, Leaders will:

1. Learn about the significance of candor in delivering results.

2. Learn how to leverage candor as a leadership skill for more effective communication.

3. Design strategies to foster more candor in the workplace.

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Bright Wire Leadership session

Topic Two: Leadership Excellence | Future Proofing Teams and Igniting Results

In today's business landscape, teams are essential for driving innovation, adaptability, and success. They bring diverse talents and perspectives and aid companies in navigating complexity to achieve a higher degree of impact. Developing a High-Performing Team is a core responsibility in leadership, and to be future ready, leaders need to lead their teams with greater intention and effort.

During this high-impact virtual Power Hour, Leaders will:

1. Explore the factors that define and enable high-performing teams.

2. Examine the evolving landscape of teams in the modern business world, considering changes in technology, leadership styles, and workforce dynamics.

3. Learn how to assess a team on the factors of high-performance.

4. Design strategies that can be applied immediately to enhance their team leadership skills.

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